Earth Angel Calming Bliss Aromatic Mist

When feeling agitated or restless, spray a little of this delightful, calming and  beautiful spray onto their bed or coat, you may even find them catching a few zzzz’s afterwards. Available in 125ml bottle for $12.00.


Earth Angel Between Bath Coat Shine Mist

Keep their fur smelling and feeling soft long after their bath has finished with this nourishing and aroma pleasing mist.  Available in 125ml bottle for $12.00.


Earth Angel Aromatic Bed Mist: 

A non-irritant spray designed to make their bed smell nice as well as protecting their bed from any uninvited guests.   Available in a 125ml bottle with atomiser for $12.00.


Earth Angel Skin Relief Cream

Ideal for any skin irritations, inflammations or wounds. It is gentle and safe (as we know how they like to lick everything) and most of all the aroma is calming.   All skin types.    Available in 30gm jar for $15.00 or 60gm jar for $25.00.


Earth Angel Enchantment Oil

Designed to soothe and calm your special loved one and make them feel snuggly, happy, snoozy, special and loved. For stress, anxiety, fear, aggression, dominance, depression, separation anxiety and other emotional issues.  Available in 10ml bottle with dropper insert for safe application for $17.00.  It is also diluted in nourishing sweet almond oil, so it is extremely safe for direct application on your earth angel.


Earth Angel Ear Cleanse

Safe, gentle and easy to apply, with calendula oil, evening primrose oil and especially chosen essential oils, not only will it clean those dirty ears, but also assist their immune system.   Available in 30ml bottle with applicator for $15.00.


Earth Angel Massage Blend

A wonderful massage oil to spoil your best friend, can be used to massage into their legs after a long walk, as a preventative to muscular and arthritic leg and knee injuries or to assist in the ongoing healing process if they have had cruiciate ligament injuries.  Available in 100ml bottle with serum pump for $17.00.


Earth Angel Digestive Soother Oil

For digestive complaints and discomfort  Available in 100ml bottle with serum pump for $17.00.



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125ml Earth Angel  Calming Bliss

 Aromatic Mist

125ml Earth Angel Between Bath

Coat Shine Mist

100ml Earth Angel Essential Oil Massage Blend

100ml Earth Angel

Massage Blend



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We offer a premium range of products for dogs, as we are not the only ones who can prosper from Aromatherapy,  our four-legged earth angels can also reap the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of the essential oils, because just like us they too sometimes feel a little blue, have trouble sleeping, get upset tummies, have skin irritations or strain a muscle. And after all, doesn’t your best friend deserve the best? 


These specially made products are designed to soothe, ease, comfort and relax your special loved one.  All products will be especially MADE TO ORDER, are for external use only, contain all natural ingredients, but more importantly they are made with love.





Earth Angel Aromatherapy Products for Dogs
125ml Earth Angel Quiet Calm Aromatic Mist and 125ml Earth Angel After Bath Coat Shine Mist

All our products in this range are dedicated to and in loving memory of Archie, my beautiful sweet boy who passed away peacefully, cradled in my arms, on Saturday 4 May 2013. 

He will live forever in my heart.


Should you wish to place an order Unique Essence Aromatherapy products are available for purchase on Etsy, our link is  Should you wish to make any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Leeanne on 0417 010 517, or you can send an email to: and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  In the meantime, keep an eye on our What’s Happening page to find out which markets you can find Unique Essence Aromatherapy products at.

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My beautiful and delicisous Gypsy Grace enjoying the beautiful beach at Cape Paterson

RIP Archie, my beautiful sweet boy.  Forever in my heart.

Picture of GypsyGypsy and Leeanne on the beach

Me and

Gypsy xxx

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Love … Love … Love