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“Beauty is being in harmony with who you are”

Peter Nivio Zarlenga

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At Unique Essence Aromatherapy we offer a premium range of aromatherapy products for increased health and wellbeing.   These products have been designed and created to nourish the soul, rejuvenate the body, enrich the mind, and soothe the heart.   Allow yourself to be infused with the healing qualities of mother nature as you relax, rejoice and experience a life filled with peace, light, love and joy.  And all of our products come infused and enhanced with that extra special ingredient called love.



Our product range includes:















As our own on-line shop is not yet up and running, should you wish to place an order all Unique Essence Aromatherapy products are available for purchase on Etsy, our link is www.etsy.com.au/shop/uniquearomatherapy.  Should you wish to make any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Leeanne on 0417 010 517, or you can send an email to: leeanne@uniqueessencearomatherapy.com.au and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  In the meantime, keep an eye on our What’s Happening page to find out which markets you can find Unique Essence Aromatherapy products at.

5ml Pure Essential Oil Blends


Allow the beautiful aromas of pure essential oils to enhance your life.  No matter where you find yourself at any given moment, like heartfelt friends, these blends will support, nurture, uplift and compliment your life.  They can be added to an essential oil vaporiser, placed on a tissue for inhalation or, to make your bath time experience more relaxing and pleasurable, a few drops can be added to a warm bath. 


They come with a dropper insert for easy application and retail for $17.00 each and come accompanied with a product card detailing ingredients, safety and directions for use.

15ml Essential Oil Roll-Ons


Aromatherapy has never been so easy with these beautiful roll-ons.  They are made with pure essential oils diluted in nourishing and gentle jojoba oil.  Keep one at home, in your car, at the office and in your handbag — wherever you are allow the exquisite aromas to enhance, uplift and de-stress your life.  Like your best friend, you will wonder what you ever did without them until they came into your life.  They can be anointed on chakras, meridians, marma points and/or lymphatic points.  You can even roll some into your temples if you feel stressed or anxious, or if a nagging headache persists.


They retail for $17.00 each and come accompanied with a product card detailing ingredients, safety and directions for use.

15ml Chakra Essential Oil Roll-Ons


Unite your mind, body, heart and spirit and allow yourself to shine and be an expression of peace and wellbeing with these especially created blends, which have been created to open, balance, energise and connect to the chakras.  They can be anointed on chakras, meridians, marma points and/or lymphatic points.


They retail for $17.00 each and come accompanied with a product card detailing ingredients, safety and directions for use.

Aromatic Mists


Convenient, natural and a delight to the senses, these aromatic mists contain only pure and natural ingredients and they are safe and easy to use.  Beautify your life with these delightful fragrances and notice how fresh, uplifted and wonderful you feel.


They come with an atomizer spray and retail for $12.00 (125ml) and $17.00 (250ml).







Skin Care Products


A range of especially made to order skin care products are available for all skin types.  Made with only the purest of natural ingredients, which have been derived from plants, they are further enhanced by the beautiful fragrances and benefits of only the finest essential oils. Not tested on animals and home made. 


As all products will be especially made to order for each individual the essential oils used will be different for each product, depending upon your needs. 


A “fragrance free” range is also available—just ask.



Healthy Body Products


Plants as medicine not only pre-date modern medicine, but they are the foundation.   So rather than reaching for the latest and greatest product that has hit the shelf, experience healthcare as nature intended.  All products are made especially to order so the essential oils used will be different for each blend according to your special needs.   Medical conditions will also be taken into consideration when creating each product. 


Each product also comes with a prescription detailing ingredients and recommendations for use.

Earth Angel Aromatherapy Products for Dogs


We are not the only ones who can benefit and prosper from aromatherapy, our four legged earth angels can also reap the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of the essential oils, because just like us they too sometimes feel a little blue, have trouble sleeping, get upset tummies, have skin irritations or strain a muscle.  Besides, doesn’t your best friend deserve the best?


These products are designed to soothe, ease, comfort and relax your special loved one, and all products will be especially made to order, are for external use only, contain only the purest of natural ingredients, and of course, more importantly, like all of our beautiful products, are made with love.


Prices vary depending upon product.

5ml essential oil blend15ml essential oil roll-on15ml chakra roll-on100ml Entice Body Oil250ml Aromatic Mist

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