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“Fragrance is the nourishment of the spirit”


Our Treatments. . .

Dedicate some time for you and enter a sacred space where exquisite aromas, soft healing music, candles and crystals await you. 


All treatments are based on the fundamental principles of mind, body, heart and spirit and created to instill a deep feeling of relaxation, inner peace and wellbeing. Our caring, nurturing and supportive attention to detail to each client's individual needs is further enhanced by our excellent customer service.


Each treatment is infused with the delicious, beautifying and elegant aromas of the essential oils.  Allow the aromas to grasp at your nostrils like invisible fingertips as you give yourself permission to cherish your inner silence and be in the present moment.



Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils, that have been derived from plants, to treat and prevent dis-ease and dis-harmony within the body to promote health and wellbeing.  The benefits of Aromatherapy are many and varied for all emotional related issues; menstrual problems, digestive complaints; respiratory ailments; muscular conditions, arthritis, any circulatory/lymphatic disorders and all skin care conditions.


Experience healthcare as nature intended and have an aromatherapy consultation today.  Each session incorporates a full consultation to determine the most appropriate treatment and each remedy is made and designed uniquely for each individual.

45 minutes $50.00

Sitting Buddah, candle, essential oil bottle, tibetan bells, crystals


An ancient healing art originating from Japan, Reiki is hands on energy healing that re-balances the body's natural energy flow. Reiki relaxes, supports and enhances health and wellbeing. Recommended for stress and all stress related issues; spiritual enhancement, insomnia; aches and pains; illness; depression and other emotional issues.

Giirl having ReikiCandle and essential oils

60 minutes $70.00

Tibetan bells and crystals

Aromatherapy Crystal Healing

Begin your experience with an Aromatherapy Massage and finish with reiki and a "laying on" of crystals along your chakras. This treatment will not only sink you into a further state of relaxation, but it will re-align and balance all your emotional and health related issues.


90 minutes $90.00

Bowl of crystals, lavender sprig, essential oil bottle

Holistic Living Counselling

One on one counselling incorporating the fundamental principles of mind, body, heart and spirit.  Provides emotional healing and support through open communication, meditation, affirmations and energy healing for stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, low self-esteem, past and present trauma and other emotional issues that are stopping you from living your life effectively and reaching your full potential.

Touch stones

60 minutes $80.00

Gift vouchers available for all treatments

“Spoil yourself with love and infuse your soul with nature “

Leeanne Hughes

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