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A sacred light lives within us all and is the essence of our true and authentic self.  Yoga re-ignites and expands this light so that we can

radiate divine love and extend a compassionate heart, kindness and joy to all beings  — including ourselves.


Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

Yoga is a lifestyle, a spiritual journey.

Yoga is not something that we do 

— Yoga is who we are.


Awaken your true essence

and begin your yoga journey today



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Offering Classical Yoga classes in Cape Paterson, incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga from the deep seeded traditions and foundations of Patanjali’s yoga sutras.


Small and intimate classes to fully embrace yoga as a way of life and to instill that time spent off the mat is just as important as time spent on the mat.


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All welcome — previous yoga experience not necessary. 


Bookings are essential so to make an enquiry or to book, please call Leeanne on 0417 010 517 or, alternatively you can email:


Qualifications:  Diploma of Classical Yoga achieved at the Australian College of Classical Yoga.



Lokha samasta, sukhino bhavantu

Aum shanti shanti shanti

(May all beings everywhere be happy and contribute

to the happiness of all beings.  Peace Peace Peace)





Available class times are as follows with limited spaces available so bookings are essential:


© Thursday 10am

© Thursday 5.30pm



1hr 20 minutes (including a 20 minute Shavasana at the beginning of the class and finishing with a 5 minute Meditation)


77 Marine Street, Cape Paterson, Victoria 3995




New beginnings are a beautiful sign to embrace life

and all the new experiences and opportunities it offers.

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