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“Allow your spirit to soar with grace and beauty”

Leeanne Hughes

15ml Sanctuary Essential Oil Roll On

15ml Sunshine Essential Oil Roll On

15ml Summer Essential Oil Roll On

15ml Spiritus Essential Oil Roll On

15ml Sweet Serenity Essential Oil Roll On

15ml Awakening Essential Oil Roll On

15ml Embrace Essential Oil Roll On


Aromatherapy has never been so easy with these beautiful roll-ons.  They are made with only the finest of essential oils, which have been diluted in gentle jojoba oil.  Keep one in your hand bag, one at the office, in your home or even in your car — wherever you are allow the exquisite aromas to enhance, uplift and de-stress your life.  Like your best friend you will wonder what you ever did without them before they came into your life.  They can be anointed on chakras, marma points, meridians and/or lymphatic points.  You can even massage them into your temples if a headache persists or if you feel stressed or anxious, or even roll some on your wrists.


Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

Price:    $17.00


This delicious, invigorating and refreshing blend will help revive your spirits, instill awareness and clarity and free your mind of clutter and confusion, so you can once again feel connected and rejuvenated.  It will even chase away a nagging headache or migraine. 



For those moments of stillness and quiet contemplation; to enable you to reconnect along your spiritual pathway and journey to the realms of your subconscious.



Close your eyes . . . take a few deep breaths . . . let go.  Relax in the knowing that all is well and wondrous in your life and that you are safe, protected and healthy.  Be thankful for all your blessings and grateful for the love that surrounds and embraces you.



Let love in with this gentle, heart warming blend that will entice you into a world of self-love and appreciation, reminding you of your beauty and strength, instilling within you quiet solace and joyfulness. 



Stay connected, heart centered, open, balanced and grounded with this subtle, yet empowering, essential oil blend.  Designed to be anointed to all or any chakras, allow the divine essences to assist you in reaching and living your full potential.



Enliven your mind, make your senses happy, warm your spirit and bring joy into your life with this alluring and charming blend that will captivate, awaken and uplift, allowing you to enjoy the moment and all that surrounds you.



Joyful, uplifting, fresh and magical, this tantalising and blissful blend will captivate your senses, evoke a harmonious and delightful mood and put a peaceful and gentle smile on your lips .



Open the curtains and let the sunshine in with this beautiful blend that will lift your spirits, soothe your mind, re-connect you to mother earth and instill within you a serene sense of wellbeing and comfort. 



For those times when change appears, this soothing yet balancing blend will assist you in remaining grounded and connected to your sense of self, inspiring you to move forward with courage, love, assurance and grace. 


Sweet Serenity

Allow the aromas grasp at your nostrils like invisible fingertips as you exhale and let go of the day’s events and sink into a tranquil and peaceful mood.  This enchanting blend will quiet your mind, nurture your heart and soul, lift your spirits and instill within you a calm sense of strength, gratitude and joy.


Other blends are also available on request.



Size:     15ml

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Purple Hearts

I expand my heart and spirit to the

wonder of life and all its beauty

15ml Awakening15ml Sanctuary



15ml Embrace


15ml Summer