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“Wherever you go, go with all of your heart”


Welcome to Unique Essence Aromatherapy . . .

Unique Essence Aromatherapy invites you to experience health care as nature intended and to enter a world of tranquility where you can nurture, inspire and empower your mind, body, heart and spirit. 


Experience the difference and allow yourself to be infused with the healing qualities of Aromatherapy.


Unique Essence Aromatherapy provides holistic therapies for increased health, wellbeing and harmony, including:










All treatments are based on the fundamental principles of mind, body, heart and spirit and created to instil a deep feeling of relaxation, inner peace and wellbeing. Our caring, nurturing and supportive attention to detail to each client's individual needs is further enhanced by our excellent customer service.


We also offer a premium range of aromatherapy products:















Please visit our product page for more information. 









“A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb



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Unique Essence Aromatherapy Products

5ml pure essential oil blend, 15ml roll-on essential oil blend,

250ml insect repellant, 250ml body lotion, 250ml aromatic mist,

100ml healthy body massage blend, 60gm face moisturiser,

60gm skin healing cream, 60gm arthritis healing cream,

30gm natural deodorant, 250gm facial cleanser, 15gm lip balm

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Holistic Living Counselling


Aromatherapy for Dogs


Skin Care Products


Aromatherapy pure Essential Oil Blends 5ml


Aromatherapy Roll-On Essential Oil Blends 15ml


Aromatherapy Roll-On Essential Oil Chakra Blends 15ml


Healthy Body Products


Aromatic Mists


Earth Angel Aromatherapy Products for Dogs