Price:    $12.00              Size:   125ml


Price:    $17.00              Size:   250ml


Ambience Room Deodoriser Mist

Delightful.  Grounding.  Harmonious.  The ideal accessory for any room.  Great for around the house and office and ideal for baby’s and children’s rooms.  You can even keep one in the car.


Insect Repellent

A must, especially during the summer months or when you are on holidays, this natural Insect Repellent not only keeps the nasties at bay but leaves a delightful aroma.   It only repels, it does not kill (keeping in line with Ahimsa—non-violence).


Mist of Lavender

Calming.  Soothing.  Relaxing.  A gentle spray to assist you in having a peaceful and deep night sleep.  You can also spray your ironing.


Radiance Mist

Euphoric, sweet and divine.  An uplifting and floral aroma that radiates a sense of oneness and tranquillity.  Allow your inner light to shine. Ideal for stress, anxiety, tension and other emotional conditions.


Rejuvenate Mist

Blissful.  Balancing.  Joyful.  This calming and uplifting spray will lift your mood and centre your spirit.  It is also ideal for the relief of menopausal symptoms.


Sweet Serenity Mist

Gentle.  Soft.  Peaceful.  An enchanting spray that will quiet your mind, nurture your heart and soul, lift your spirits and infuse you with a calm sense of strength, gratitude and joy.


Winter Wellness Mist

Assists in keeping away those winter nasties.   A quick spray three times daily is all it takes.



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Convenient, natural and a delight to the senses, these aromatic mists contain only pure and natural ingredients, and they are safe and easy to use.  Beautify your home, life and even your car, with these delightful fragrances and notice how fresh, uplifted and wonderful you feel.

Aromatic Mists

250ml Happiness, 250ml Ambience

250ml Sweet Serenity, 250ml Rejuvenate

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